Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2010 (II)

January 17, 2010 § 3 Comments

Just when my brain was overloaded with images, along came the optical illusions.

When I walked past this one, and looked at it from a short distance, I saw a lot of off-center, black-and-white log cabins.  Somewhat interesting.  Then I backed up and saw what I was really looking at:

See what I see?  I cross section of…the brain.  Confirmed by the quilt description.

I had the pleasure of walking through the invitational portion of the show with Jan, and when I could not see the message in this quilt close-up, with its riot of color and dancing drops of water, she told me, “Look through your view finder!”

Sure enough, it came into focus:  “H2O”.  :-)

More to share tomorrow! The Flickr set is growing.


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